This weekend, read these 5 must-read books

The rhythm of our daily lives has been leisuring, lollygagging, and doomscrolling. And if you’re looking for something to commit your time to, flipping over new pages might be worth a weekend in an otherwise mundane snooze.
JUJULUM has compiled a list of 5 must-read books for you to read over the weekend:

  • “THE MONK WHO SOLD HIS FERRARI” by Robin Sharma is for those who don’t believe their life is good enough. This fable is a quest of a layman attaining the pinnacle of his dreams and reaching the utmost destiny. It tells the story of Julian Mantle, a highly prestigious lawyer who has it all.
  • Mmhonlumo Kikon, MLA from Nagaland third book of poems, “SLINGSTONES” traverse the historical and spiritual outlook of the Naga Communities. The book exhibits the lacklustre daily activities of humans and outlines the melding of the aboriginal culture and the present-day culture.
  • Chirmi Shimray’s book “RAW-PERFECTLY FLAWED” is a collection of poems based on her personal experiences. This daring novel delves into the lives of repressed women in a way that is thought-provoking, vaulting, and Simon-Pure. It discusses how women are generally labelled as the weaker sex, yet despite the hardships and retaliation, she manages to turn the page from mourning to light.
  • “THE WISH” by Nicholas Sparks offers an endearing love story and the commitment that intimidate us forever. This novel reminds us that love foreseeable as it can be, sometimes stir us in a way we cannot fathom. The book is not the typical love story you would expect but has a realistic rawness and the complexities of life.
  • This suspenseful spy thriller set in the backdrop of World War 2 is brought to you by the author, Ken Follet. THE EYE OF A NEEDLE is a novel about Henry Faber, a German spy known as “The Needle” who holds the secret to Nazi victory. The aftermath, on the other hand, boils down to the most basic human misfortune: love.

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