Welcome To JUJULUM!

Hey hi 😉

My name is N. Lothungbeni Humtsoe, and I’m a lifestyle journalist with three years of hands-on experience and one year of multimedia journalism.

After years of planning and research, I created “JUJULUM”, a lifestyle blogging platform, with the intention of capturing real-life experiences in a digital format. To openly express my opinions and discover more than what is shown on a book’s cover about the worlds of Art & Culture, Relationships, Food, Travel, Lifestyle & Fashion, and Beauty.

This page depicts me as a real person who is passionate about human interest stories and provides a unique perspective on the lifestyle industry. 

The name “JUJULUM” is derived from the Lotha dialect “Juju-Lumlum,” which translates as “enthusiasm.” (Lotha dialect is spoken by Lotha Naga, a major Naga ethnic group native to Nagaland’s Wokha district.)