From planning to gift ideas, every aspect about bridal shower revealed

Generally, a bridal shower is a pre-wedding gift party to celebrate the bride-to-be. It is a jubilant occasion for close friends and family members to spend time together before the big day. The bridal shower event revolves around guests showering gifts to the future wife to help set up her new home.

If you have a bridal shower coming up or need ideas and tips for the future, worry no more. JUJULUM have got the planning process covered. From hosting to choosing a location, theme and more, here’s how to orchestrate a bridal shower.



Who hosts or pays for the Bridal Shower?
Usually, the maid of honor hosts the occasion. Close female family members like the bride’s mother, aunts, grandmother’s or even the bridesmaids can pitch in to help with the planning and billing.

Whom to invite?
Bridal showers are commonly celebrated limited to women only. So, the guest’s list comprises close friends, families and cousins. However, it depends on the planners whether they wish to invite men as well which is a growing trend in recent years. Keep in mind to mail out the invitations as early as a month before the shower.

When should you throw a bridal shower?
Start your bridal shower planning at least 4 months before the wedding. It should take place between 2 months and 3 weeks. Make sure that you consult the bride or the concerned person when selecting the date to ensure a suitable schedule for the bride as well as the guests attending.

Where should it be held?
Once the date and the guest count is finalized, you should decide where you want to host the event. Hosting a bridal party at your house is the most traditional and convenient option. If not, you can host it at a restaurant, park, resort or a venue that is of the bride’s interest. It may be best if the location is easy to get to or have enough space to accommodate the invited guests and ample parking area.

What happens at the Bridal Shower?
Bridal showers are mostly spent merrymaking, eating, telling stories and opening presents. It usually engages brunch or lunch or an afternoon tea party and time for the guests to mingle with each other.

If you want to have it more exuberant you can include bridal shower games and activities such as guessing trivia about the bride, bridal bingo or advice the bride-to-be etc. Be creative and you’re bound to have a whole heap of fun and laughter.

Bridal shower theme :
If you aren’t bored easily, or if you are, having a theme for the occasion may be the ideal way to create a memorable experience. It is thrilling, fascinating, and quirky. Choose a playful but aesthetic theme that speaks the bride’s personality and which the guests would also find delightful and surprised.

Here are some exclusive ideas :

  • Garden tea party
  • Pool party
  • Backyard barbecue
  • Pajama glam
  • Champagne toast theme

Gift Ideas:
Since bridal showers are centred around gift-giving after all, you don’t want to show up empty-handed. Not necessarily but it’s always wise to choose a gift that is resourceful for both the couple.
We’ve come to your rescue by compiling just the best and unique gift ideas:


  • Lingerie set: A lingerie set is a necessity, a must in every bridal wardrobe. A perfect fit with the bride’s wedding gown. Buying her a comfortable yet stylish set will ampt up the inner confidence that is much needed. Not only will ‘she’ be grateful but feel sexy and attractive too.
  • Champagne gift set/wine glasses: You can never go wrong with this kind of gift cause it’s the season of toasting. The couple would love to sip some bubbly out of their cool wine glasses on their romantic date nights. Also, a modish addition to their new home.
  • Bath and body products: This gift is actually fun, sweet and even economical to give for a bridal shower. You can also personalize this package with her favourite brand products. Trust us, the bride will be thrilled.
  • PJ set: This is a no brainer. A pyjama set for both the couple can work the best. They can twin together on or after the wedding night. You could also add in some portraits or cheeky face masks to make it a little extra fun. This gift idea will never run of style.
  • Travel / Airbnb experience: This is a great way to give the bride or the couple something enjoyable yet memorable and meaningful. In case, their honeymoon is already planned, you can always opt for a site-seeing tour or a romantic dinner. They will never forget this romantic gesture.

Have a shower playlist: There’s no celebration without music and there’s no excitement if the Playlist doesn’t suit your taste. Create an upbeat tune to liven the mood and get the vibe checked.

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