What do these christmas symbols mean?

Have you ever wondered or aware that decorative pieces like the Christmas trees, Santa Claus, bells, candles, stars all have special meanings and symbolization? We often forget and overlook the significance of the magical part of the Christmas.

It is the most blessed and jubilant festival for Christians. It’s about harbouring love, peace and kindness; the glittery decorations, carols, gifts and scrumptious meal. It’s about the love, guffaw and precious time spent with our families and dear ones mirthful of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Christmas is a time to reconcile, a time to bond and a time to renew relationships. It is also a time to bring the message of hope and faith, of showing gratitude and compassion. Christmas is all about believing and accepting that Christ is our saviour, our strength and our guide. People from all walks of life come together to celebrate and share this festive mood nonchalantly.

Understanding the deep meaning of Christmas and its tidings bring more joy and connection to our life. And here are the Christmas symbols that have certain meanings you may or may not know:


The traditional Christmas circular shape wreath placed on a door embodies christ eternal life given the shape that didn’t have a beginning, nor an end. It represents the thorn worn by Christ on the cross and the tiny red berries represent Christ’s blood. The wreath is placed as an invitation for Christ to come into our home.


The Christmas star represents the star of Bethlehem which guided the three wise men or Magi to the birthplace of Jesus. It also symbolises joy, goodness and hope for humanity.


This Christmas symbol is considered a symbol of love and peace. Kissing under the mistletoe is a well-known tradition started from an ancient tale of Figg after her son’s death and promises to kiss anyone who passes underneath it. The tradition of hanging mistletoe in the house is believed to possess mystical power which brings good luck and wards off evil spirits.


In religious and secular traditions, Christmas bells are rung to announce the arrival of the season and to proclaim the birth of Jesus Christ. The bells symbolise a protector to drive out negativity and bring harmony to society.



The tradition of lighting candles on Christmas is quite significant symbolizing and reminding us that Jesus came as light into our dark world. The gist of lighting candles represents various meanings depending on where it is used. Christmas candles are symbolic and prod us to follow him to the true light and be a light to others too.

Christmas tree

The most significant and essential part of Christmas traditions is the Christmas tree. Like flickering oil lamps or lights is to Diwali, Christmas tree is to Christians. Though the Christmas tree holds a different meaning for different people and cultures, for Christians, the tree is a symbolism of the birth and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In modern times, the Christmas tree represents Jesus and the light he brings to the world, for Christians. It’s often decorated with bells, candy cane, cones, stars, tinsels and more.

Santa Claus

Christmas is incomplete without Santa Claus. Well known as a father of gifts, Santa brings presents to children and the poor to show a symbol of good cheer. Santa Claus is the embodiment of joy, peace and generosity and the spirit of Christmas itself.


Giving gifts on Christmas is meant to be a sign of love and kindness like how God gave us the greatest gift of all, his only son. It reminds us that it is the gift of eternal life and we should cherish his everlasting love.


Angels are considered to be the messenger of Christ and remain a significant symbol at Christmas. They proclaim the good news on the first Christmas night that Jesus was born in Bethlehem. Angels are traditionally placed at the top of the Christmas tree to represent their role in the birth of our Saviour.

Candy cane

The candy cane which takes the shape of a shepherd’s crook represents the humble shepherds who bring lost lamb back to the fold. The Saviour is depicted as the good shepherd who guided us back to his fold. The white on the candy cane signifies the purity of Jesus and the red stripes represent the blood he shed for us.

May this Christmas be the most joyous and meaningful time of the year for you and your loved ones. Wishing you all love, peace and happiness.

Happy holidays!

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