5 minimalist, luxury and classy tablescape ideas

With the onset of wedding season, there’s no better time to get involved with tablescaping, ie, the art of setting tables in decorative ways for social events and gatherings.

Imagine you go to someone’s house for dinner or attend a wedding and notice that the setting, ambience, decorations were top notch; that you felt so connected and welcomed. It’s not only entertaining but also leaves you with a blissful memory you don’t want to forget. Similarly, Tablescaping sets a special mood in a way that expresses the event theme and creates fun bonding between the diners and evoke feelings of excitement and exhilaration. Incorporating intricate and creative table artworks into tablescaping is thus definitely a personal affair.

Inorder for your guests to never forget how you made them feel, JUJULUM have selected 5 Minimalist, luxury and classy tablescape ideas for you:

  • Garland table runner: A simple white linen table cloth can never go wrong with any style or setting. Keep it minimal yet elegant by lining a garland table runner at the center and incorporate taper candles in copper or silver stands. Place a few plain glasses and coloured tealight holders to add a different rustic accent.
  • Seasonal produce: When dressing your tablescape, seasonal flowers and fruits can be amalgamated to occasion a feast like feel for your guests. Choose warm-toned gold mugs or crockeries to elevate inviting arrangements.
  • A Mediterranean affair: Fresh flower tables on a pretty tablecloth is indisputably a swoon-worthy look. Layer your textures naturally and adorn beautiful patterns that will complement cutleries, glasswares and candlestick holders.
  • Visual centrepiece:  Occupy the center of your display with foliage, utensils or any vases. Blend it with coloured and eclectic glasswares to add lightness and a relaxed tone to the table. Your perfect en vogue wedding tablescape is ready.
  • Bohemian chic: For a boho-chic tablescape, choose a lace table runner and gold placemats or napkins. Input white feathers and floral with a modern twist in the gold decor. Match them with transparent wine glasses and candlesticks of various shapes, sizes and colours. Accessorize en masse with neutral plates and cutleries.

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