5 Instagram thrift stores to amp up your fashion sustainably

Everybody loves things that are easily accessible and this Instagram thrift stores has taken the internet by storm; and people are up for it. Besides being fashionably inexpensive, they are environment friendly and downright sustainable meeting all expectations of each buyer’s needs. Shifting focus from the fast fashion industry to a thrift store seems to be a viable option for shopping. And it is our duty as consumers to eradicate impacts that are harming the environment and opt for contributing to a healthy planet.

An Instagram thrift store Folk Pants who believes sustainable fashion doesn’t have to be difficult and can start with the act of making people conscious of their consumption(or non-consumption) says, “In looking into their wardrobe and reimagining their style, re-wearing the clothes they already have, only buying pieces that are missing and not finding the need to buy for the sake of consumption or to be on-trend. It can be an informed act (and choice) each person take in the process of buying and wearing clothes. The existence of thrift stores provides an alternative for people to explore sustainable ways of consuming clothes. Thrifting can be an alternate form of clothing consumption for people who want to take a step away from fast fashion but can’t afford sustainable and ethical brands”.

To be a part of sustainable change, we have curated the 5 best Instagram thrift stores that will bring you the trendiest fashion at a low budget.


  • FOLK PANTS: If you love vintage, FOLKPANTS is your go-to store. They have the most unique and quality pieces solely handpicked for you. You won’t run out of options as you’ll find a diverse set of aesthetic vintage apparel. Their collection and photographs resonate with the past and its culture making this thrift store everyone’s favourite.
  • LUU LIU: Talk about the sustainability of a timeless era, LUULIU offers you the never run out of style seductive and intimate corset, bodysuit items. Explore their page and fill up your wardrobe with confident and intricately bold wears. They deserve to be an infinite thrifting destination for introducing pieces that resembles art.
  • THE LIL CLOSET: Sexy, cute and trendy thrift store you don’t wanna miss. They curate you the best eclectic mix of tops, bags and other items that will bring you joy adding their impeccable collection in your closet.
  • MIRINWON OFFICIAL: Who doesn’t like to flaunt a rare piece also being on the latest trend? MIRINWON has it all. From clothing to bags to shoes, they provide you with the much-needed item for your inner fashion deity. Go check out this thrift store before you regret being too late to their eccentric finds.
  • THRIFT INDIA: Amp up your style with their cute and fancy selection. This lovely thrift store is bound to make you feel worthful shopping from them.

It’s always wise to choose what’s best for everyone. And Instagram thrift stores have opened doors for shoppers to be responsibly fashionable. So, if you want to stay on track without burning a hole in your pocket, you know where to go.

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