List of 26 new Korean words added to the Oxford English Dictionary

South Korean culture, sometimes known as K-culture, is a major source of popular culture in recent times. K-dramas were the start, followed by K-pop, which spread like wildfire over the world. The Oxford English Dictionary has recently introduced 26 new Korean words. The Oxford English Dictionary (OED), one of the most recognizable authorities on the English language said including so many Korean words was a recognition of the shift in the language used by English speakers.

“They show how Asians in different parts of the continent invent and exchange words within their own local contexts, then introduce these words to the rest of the English-speaking world, thus allowing the Korean wave to continue to ripple on the sea of English words.”

  1. Daebak literally translates to “awesome,” and the list goes on.
  2. Aegyo – A cute display of affection.
  3. Banchan – A small side dish of vegetables, etc., served along with rice as part of a typical Korean meal.
  4. Bulgogi – A dish of thin slices of beef or pork which are marinated then grilled or stir-fried.
  5. Chimaek – In South Korea and Korean-style restaurants: fried chicken served with beer.
  6. Dongchimi – A type of kimchi made with radish and typically also containing napa cabbage.
  7. Fighting 
  8. Galbi – A dish of beef short ribs, usually marinated in soy sauce, garlic, and sugar, and sometimes cooked on a grill at the table.
  9. Hallyu – The increase in international interest in South Korea and its popular culture, represented by the global success of South Korean music, film, TV, fashion and food.
  10. Hanbok
  11. Japchae – A dish consisting of cellophane noodles made from sweet potato starch, stir-fried with vegetables and other ingredients, and typically seasoned with soy sauce and sesame oil.
  12. K-
  13. K-drama – A television series in the Korean language and produced in South Korea.
  14. kimbap – A Korean dish consisting of cooked rice and other ingredients wrapped in a sheet of seaweed and cut into bite-sized slices.
  15. Konglish
  16. Korean wave
  17. Mmanhwa – A Korean genre of cartoons and comic books, often influenced by Japanese manga.
  18. Mukbang
  19. Noona
  20. Oppa – Older brother
  21. PC bang
  22. Samgyeopsal – A Korean dish of thinly sliced pork belly, usually served raw to be cooked by the diner on a tabletop grill.
  23. Skinship
  24. Tang soo do
  25. Trot
  26. Unni – Older sister

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