Living a fuller life as a human

In this modern era, fewer people are getting married as they think being married chains them to a principle of dependency. Many consider it a burden to build a home when they could do it alone. The commitment of a relationship seems to rule out the possibility of a happy and satisfactory life. The discussion still goes on.

Marriage means bonding together two individuals as one sharing the communion of physical, spiritual and emotional. It is the beginning of a life-long commitment as a family, a home. Many have debated and dictated how marriage is not needed and have strongly advocated remaining as an individual. And then some people prefer live-in relationships. However, it cannot be overlooked that as human beings, we all have emotional, physical and spiritual demands longing for companionship.

Marriage is not necessarily a necessity and a person’s opinion to live as an individual shouldn’t be bounded by social norms. Marriage is a holistic approach to living a life of two full individuals on the facet of togetherness. Ergo, it is one’s discretion to either choose an essence of bounding with another or individually or singly. It comes down to the question of whether you want it or not. And that is the most significant and compelling choice one has to make in life.

Reasons why marriage is important:

  • A companion to share: A person yearns for someone to share experiences, interests, feelings, responsibilities and concerns. And marriage gives you a partner to enjoy the bliss of life as well as live through tough times together. It becomes relatively easier for two people in forming a family, raise a child or take risks than it is for one. Life becomes more meaningful and fun when we have someone with whom we can connect. After all, men are social animals and cannot live a solitary life. Life is an incessant adventure with a handful of ups and downs and if you have someone to stand for you, care for you, it becomes endurable. A supportive partner and a successful marriage will fulfil the gap of loneliness; encourage each other in every walks of life helping to grow personally and professionally.
  • Generate/save more money: Many people think of marriage as a financial burden. They think building a family consumes more wealth. But a profound study suggests that couples who stay married accumulated more income as compared to single or cohabitors. More assets are built the longer you stay married. Not only do they generate more money but manage money better and build more wealth together than alone. Marriage is an institution that is as crucial and productive as education boosting a person’s earnings twice as much. Consequently, partners are less likely to face economic hardships.
  • Mental stability: Marriage is good/beneficial for your mental health. Poor social support is linked to having a high risk of depression, anxiety, loneliness and several health issues. Being married gives you the ticket to rely on the partner to deal with it together and work out what’s best. Getting married gives individuals a powerful mental health boost consistently and substantially. Married people are less likely to face depression and anxiety. On the contrary, singles, cohabitors and divorced couples reported a higher risk of mental and emotional disorders, lower self-esteem as well as losing a sense of purpose in life. It is not just about happy people getting married but instead building a healthy relationship with another person.
  • Save your life: It’s fascinating and sounds overestimated to say marriage can save lives. However, research suggests that married people enjoy better health than single people. Since they maintain a healthier lifestyle married partners tend to have a lower chance of being depressed or developing heart attacks but rather a higher chance of surviving cancer for a longer period. It is worth mentioning that being married doesn’t necessarily improve health conditions. People in unhappy relationships with their spouses may be worse off than a single person enveloped by loving families or friends. Studies have found that people in healthy relationships have stronger immune systems than those who are not. It’s also less likely that men and women will become victims of violence and abuse and that cohabitors engage in more violence than spouses.
  • Intimacy: With marriage, partners will have the odds of favourable intimacy whenever they want it without contemplating whether it was the right thing to do or not. Married people are more likely to answer they have an exceptionally pleasing sex life than are cohabitors and singles. Since they increase sexual fidelity, the romantic relationship secures them a common ground suppressing their deceptive nature. Happily married partners fulfil each others’ desires of sex life which in turn reduce the risks of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Social security: Human beings are always in need of companies. And thus, forming a family from an individual will appease the loneliness felt. A marriage binds together two individuals to support one another in everything and to rely on completely whenever needed. Married couples feel more secure and confident to put themselves out in the community. Partners when they get married work jointly to achieve goals simultaneously uplifting each other’s dreams and desires. Marriage, therefore, is an act that helps in social bonding and even contributes to society in ample ways.
  • You’ll be happier: Many said the satisfaction and joy of being single and divorced are overrated. Contradicting to that, a happy and successful marriage is associated with bringing about the most wonderful relationship between two souls. It makes them feel complete and worthy thus creating a healthy and happy bond. This security and feelings make a person happier and more powerful kindling a sense of belongingness.
  • Marriage protects children: Research tell us that children raised outside of intact marriages are at a higher risk to fall into the trap of physical and mental illness, use of illegal drugs, victims of abuse, school dropouts, committing crimes and suicide, poverty and indulging in sexual activities and so on. In contrast, a stable marriage produces happier children lessening the social problems in the society. Children are likely to grow into a happy and balanced adults when they have emotional and social support from their parents. They also evolve into a strong competent individuals with the ability to succeed in their careers.

Takeaway: This article is not meant to entice that marriage is a need but rather a counterfeit to living a fuller life as a human. Marriage is one source to sustain the different aspects of an individual’s life, may it be social, emotional, physical or mental well-being. Get married when you think you can be fully committed and devote yourself to building a home, a family. Remember, sharing a life with someone brings unspeakable happiness and contentment. Despite the hurdles you encounter in life, you can always come back to your love and dear ones. Happy marriage!

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